Software & Data


  • GPU-based Independent Component Analysis (ICA)CUDAICA | github
  • Contributions to Fieldtrip: Amp2Ft
  • Eye Movements and Linear-Mixed Models study on a Spanish Corpusdata and scripts
  • Argentine Spanish Module for FreeLing. Extension of FreeLing’s Spanish module which incorporates verb conjugations used in the Argentine variants of the language. [web]
  • Spanish DAL: Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language. Spanish lexicon manually annotated for three affective dimensions: pleasantness, activation and imagery. [web]
  • Text Preprocessing for Spanish Text-To-Speech Systems. Modules for preprocessing the input text in a screen reader of Wikipedia articles in Spanish. [web]
  • Speech Graphs: Speehgraph is a Python module to perform speech graphs analysis used in Automated speech analysis for psychosis evaluation [github]
  • Coherence Algorithm: Coherence Algorithm used in Automated analysis of free speech predicts psychosis onset in high-risk youths (download the paper) to study the speech coherence level. For now, the algorithm works in English but it is very easy to adapt into others languages [github]