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Amp2FT is an interface between the EGI NetAmps AMP Server application and Fieldtrip. It is a standalone application called Amp2FT that creates a fieldtrip buffer and reads the data from AMP Server.

Technical Introduction

The acquisition software for Net Amps is called AMP Server. It is a terminal application (no graphical interface) that runs on OSX (Geodesic bundles a Mac Pro or Mac Book Pro with their system). If AMP Server is not running, the distributed acquisition software Net Station launches the AMP Server application in background. Once AMP Server or Net Station is up and running, Amp2FT can be launched to read data into the fieldtrip buffer.

This software has been tested on EGI Net Amps 300, but it should work on any Geodesic EEG System relying on Net Amps technology:

  • Geodesic EEG System 300
  • Geodesic EEG System 400
  • Geodesic EEG System 410
  • Geodesic EEG System 405

Getting the source code

The source code has been merged into fieldtrip in June 2nd 2013. Download it from Fieldtrip main site.

Building Instructions (OSX and Linux)

  1. Make sure the fieldtrip buffer and ODM are built
  2. cd realtime/src/buffer/cpp
    make all
    cd ../src
    make all
  3. Build Amp2FT
    cd ../../acquisition/amp

Running instructions (OSX and Linux)

According to the OS and architecture, the amp2ft binary is placed in the corresponding directory in realtime/bin. Running the binary without parameters will print the help as follows:

This is ./amp2ft

Usage: ./amp2ft  [OPTIONS]

Optional parameters:
	-gdf 	Enable saving to  (default: disabled)
	-host 	Use fieldtrip buffer in  (default: create a new buffer in localhost)
	-port 	Use  to connect to fieldtrip buffer (default: 1972)
	-amph 	Set AmpServer ip address (default: localhost)
	-ampcp 	Set AmpServer command port (default: 9877)
	-ampsp 	Set AmpServer stream port (default: 9877)
	-sf 	Set sampling frequency to x (default: 1000)
	-h	 Print this help

AmpServer, running on an Apple Mac should open a command and a stream port in the default locations. Beware that the default sampling rate is 1KHz. That should produce a large amount of data and the connection between the computer running amp2ft and the connection between them must be good enough to transmit the data without delays. Wired gigabit ethernet connection is recommended. Many effort has been done to use AmpServer decimation commands to reduce the sampling rate but no positive results were achieved (-sf is currently useless).

The configuration file parameter expects the standard fieldtrip acquisition format.

A normal usage would be:

./amp2ft netamps.cfg -amph

assuming the IP address of the Apple Mac is

Bug reporting and feedback

Contact me.