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What is Infomax ICA?

Infomax ICA is an algorithm to perform Independent Component Analysis

What is CUDAICA?

Is an implementation of binary ica made on CUDA.

Installation and further instructions


Important Notes

  • Currently, PCA option is not supported.
  • You must select the right compute capability when running the configure script.

    If you see something like this:

    Pre processing
    Loading dataset...Done!
    ERROR::invalid device function  (8) in src/ at line 130

    Then you might have chosen a wrong compute capability.

    Check the Major and Minor values in the first lines of cudaica output, when it lists the available devices:

    Major: 2
    Minor: 1

    and then re-run the configure script with the following option (example for 2.1):

    ./configure --with-cuda-arch=21

    Finally run make clean and make.

Contact and bug reporting