Mariel Estévez

Postdoctoral Fellow, CONICET @ Computer Science Department, FCEN UBA / ICC, CONICET



Mariel is licenciada in physics by Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and has a PhD in Science and Technology by Universidad de San Martín (UNSAM). She is currently working on a postdoctoral research at LIAA in the UBA under the direction of Professor Luciana Ferrer. Mariel is studying calibration on speaker recognition systems.

Investigation topics/interests:

* Speaker verificarion
* Fairness and calibration
* Features and embedding extraction


Link to my Google scholar

Selection of articles:

  • ttbb as a probe of new physics at the LHC. E Álvarez, M Estévez Physical Review D 96 (3), 035016, 2017
  • Z′-explorer: A simple tool to probe Z′ models against LHC data E Alvarez, M Estévez, RMS Seoane Computer Physics Communications 269, 108144, 2021
  • Measuring at the LHC E Alvarez, L Da Rold, M Estevez, JF Kamenik Physical Review D 97 (3), 033002, 2018